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Join The Global Pro Bono Bar

Member Benefits Include:

  • Access to Exclusive CLE / CPD content When Available;
  • Access to Publications of The Global Pro Bono Bar;
  • Eligibility for Volunteer Placement on Project Teams;** 
  • Taking a Stand as an Advocate of Conscience for a Brighter Future in the Global Legal Profession; and
  • Just Maybe . . . One of the Most Meaningful Aspects of Your Legal Professional Life.


Early in the history of The Global Pro Bono Bar, practicing lawyers posed one very honest question to us:

"Why would I pay annual dues payments just to work the same number of pro bono hours that I can work on my own anyway?"

The answer, of course, is that one would not. 

Over time, however, we have found that those who become members of The Global Pro Bono Bar are generally looking for something more than completing the required number of pro bono hours.  Often, they are looking for greater meaning in their professional lives, just as we did in founding The Global Pro Bono Bar.  

If you decide to apply to become a member of The Global Pro Bono Bar, don't do it because you want to get something for yourself.  Rather, do it because you want to be part of a movement to build the living, breathing legal professionalism of the future around greater moral ambition and the exercise of personal conscience.  We'd love to have you as a member of our Legal Revolution to Fight Global Injustice.

The Global Pro Bono Bar's
Cluster Architecture**

Generally, The Global Pro Bono Bar Cluster Architecture provides the following framework for our project staffing:

  • Cluster Leader
  • Local Advocate / Local Partner
  • Cluster Administrator / Global Pro Bono Bar Liaison
  • Team Leader(s)
  • Team Advocate(s)
  • Other Volunteers
**Please note that placements are strictly subject to the full discretion of The Global Pro Bono Bar and no placement (or any at all) is guaranteed.  Relevant factors considered include project support needs and personal qualifications.  

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